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When pipes and drain systems get clogged, there are several strategies to eradicate blockages to allow for draining to continue as usual. For bigger sewer pipelines, procedures including high pressure water jetting will often perform the job, flushing out even challenging materials like encrustation or asphalt. If you have a considerable problem with intrusions into the pipes, robotic cutting or water jet cutting methods can be used to eradicate problems such as tree roots, or even metal bars. However, neither of these approaches are suitable for interior small bore pipelines.

Most internal pipes, for example, draining piping for basins are below the minimal diameter requirement for high pressure jetting, which is more well suited for pipes sized from 32mm in diameter, up to main trunk sewers. Small bore pipe cleaning instead is suitable for pipes of 25mm and over. Small bore pipe cleaning services are often designed for:

• Clogged sink drains and pipes • Blocked urinal traps • Blocked up grease traps • Soil stack pipes • Blocked vent pipes • Any other primary pipe works that are in need of servicing

With regards to pipe maintenance on small bore pipes, more invasive and higher powered water jetting just isn't practical. Whilst a water pressure of between 2,000psi and 10,000psi should be used for larger pipelines to be able to properly clear out blockages, this much pressure would be very likely to trigger more problems than solutions when cleaning a compact pipeline such as a sink drain. On many occasions, particularly for interior pipes, small bore pipes are manufactured from plastics that are not fit for withstanding high pressures; because of this, high pressure jetting would be more likely to damage pipework as opposed to washing away a blockage, possibly making a lot of avoidable costs.

Along with potentially destroying piping by using an excessive amount of pressure, high pressure water jetting can also result in flooding. As numerous small bore pipes are inside of a building, flooding is much more impractical than it would be outdoors because it is a lot more challenging to clean up floods indoors, not forgetting, flooding could lead to potentially expensive damages to furnishings.

Drain and pipeline service companies will also examine any blockage situation in order to determine the most suitable, most time and cost efficient solution to eliminate the blockage safely and successfully. As a blockage can occur at any time during the day and any day of the year, emergency blockage cleaning covering anything from small bore pipe cleaning to high pressure water jetting and water cutting services are available Round the clock, every day of the year from specialist pipeline service companies.

Have you got a blocked internal pipe? Do you wish to find out more about pipe cleaning on small bore pipes? If that's the case, you can find out more here about Internal Pipe and Small Bore Pipe Cleaning.

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