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For a lot of small businesses, from one man operations to tiny family-run companies, IT consultancy requirements can be quite small. For freelance workers or self-employed people, in many cases, their business IT infrastructure will incorporate not much more than:

• An internet phone line and web connection • A laptop or computer • A cell phone and maybe another digital device such as a tablet or iPad.

Unsurprisingly, it's rare that this kind of small operation will need the help of an IT support company more often than not.

If there's not really a frequent requirement for business IT support, it's not necessarily the ideal use of capital to outsource IT to a different company on a monthly contracted basis. Whilst for bigger organisations, outsourcing IT support to experts rather than using an in-house IT team can help them to help save a large amount of money, for small businesses, if they don't need regular support every month, outsourcing IT support could be money wasted.

However, whilst having to pay a fixed sum every month to an IT support company can be squandered money, having no IT support or consultation at all is usually considerably more harmful. For some small companies, freelance workers and self-employed people, the ideal solution to their IT requirements is frequently to contact an IT company that gives IT and network consultancy on a no-fix, no-fee basis.

Most of the time, a smaller business's IT and network needs will also be small-scale. This is not to suggest that they don't need professional help; these needs could range from basic tasks to setting up emails on a tablet or smart phone, right through to larger projects like advising on and setting up new software across a business's network. In such cases, rather than abandoning fixing bugs, or looking to execute large complex tasks themselves, small businesses can get in touch with the professionals for ad-hoc consultancy.

If you feel that you're paying too much for business IT support that you just don't actually need, it would be worthwhile thinking about recruiting IT support on an ad-hoc consultancy basis. Whereas fees each month are often very good value for business's with a big spending budget and a sizeable computer network to take care of, for anybody from a one man band, up to 10 or more staff, it can make far more sense to simply pay for when IT support work is really required.

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