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For many smaller businesses, from one man businesses to small family firms, IT consultancy needs can be quite slight. For freelancers or self-employed individuals, most of the time, their business IT infrastructure will comprise of little more than:

• An internet telephone line and connection • A computer • A smartphone and perhaps another mobile device such as a tablet.

Understandably, it is rare that this kind of small operation would require the aid of an IT support provider routinely.

In cases where there is not really a regular necessity for business IT support, it's not essentially the most effective use of money to delegate IT to a different company on a monthly contracted plan. Whilst for large companies, outsourcing IT support to experts as opposed to applying an in-house IT department may help them to cut back a considerable amount of money, for smaller businesses, if they don't need frequent assistance every month, outsourcing IT support might be money down the drain.

Yet, although shelling out a fixed amount each month to an IT support company could be wasted money, not having IT support or consultation at all can be even more disastrous. For some smaller businesses, freelancers and self-employed persons, the best answer to their IT needs is often get in touch with an IT company that offers IT and network consultancy on a no-fix, no-fee basis.

Quite often, a small business's IT and network wants are likewise small. This isn't to necessarily mean that they don't need specialist help}; their requirements may cover anything from basic tasks and configuring emails on a tablet or smartphone, right through to much bigger work such as advising on and implementing new software over a business's network. In this situation, compared with steering clear of rectifying glitches, or endeavoring to perform huge and complex jobs by themselves, small businesses can contact the professionals for ad-hoc consultancy.

If you feel you are paying excessively for business IT support that you don't need to have, it would be worthwhile looking into getting IT support on an ad-hoc consultancy basis. Whereas monthly charges can be relatively good value for businesses with a large budget and a significant network to take care of, for anyone from a one man band, up to 10 or more employees, it makes more sense to merely pay for whenever IT support work is truly required.

You can find out additional information here about IT and network consultancy for smaller businesses.

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