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HT800 is widely used for enhanced performance and safety in the rail and mass transit sector; it's a key material used to seal and protect various communication, electronics and lighting enclosures in rail vehicles. This specialist silicone sponge sheeting is BS6853 Cat 1A approved and is currently applied in vehicles within the London Underground network.

Let us review why HT800 is such an important and ideal material for the rail sector:

HT800 and its Versatility:

The cellular sponge material is suitable for numerous sealing solutions to shield rail vehicles against penetration of dust, moisture, light or air in outdoor enclosures. HT800 is used to increase the performance of out of doors lighting, electronic cabinets and HVAC units. The silicone sponge also optimises shock absorption and reduces isolate vibration for a lot of components within rail vehicles, such as, gaskets and seat cushions.

A material with excellent memory:

The HT800 silicone sponge is of a medium firmness, nevertheless it provides lightness of a foam. This supplies the material with an excellent memory as well as low stress relaxation, meaning that this won't easily soften or become permanently compressed over time. Therefore, HT800 makes for a long-lasting material that can reduce maintenance expenses related to gasket failures.

Brilliant sealing capabilities:

Due to the material's compact, cellular structure, it is just a superior sealing solution for rail vehicles than traditional sponge rubber. HT800's unique formulation offers advanced resistance to the penetration of fine particles and wind-driven rain, which is the reason it truly is traditionally used for outdoor applications within the rail industry.

Highly resistant:

Not merely is HT800 silicone sheeting more resistant against set compression and mud and moisture penetration, the material is highly resistant to wear from ultraviolet light and also the ozone, or extreme temperatures. Also, it is a flame resistant material that complies with BS6853 Cat 1A fire safety standards. The material thus remains perfect for optimising and looking after a frequent performance for rail vehicles in most environments.

Easy application of HT800:

HT800 silicone sponge sheeting is available in numerous thicknesses along with pressure-sensitive adhesive on a couple of sides to allow for easy application to a number of surfaces. The material is created in roll form, so as that it can easily be converted and applied for the specified applications.

To find out more about HT800 and other rail materials please visit the CB Frost website

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