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I think we can all agree that our feet have a tough job. Carrying us around day to day, to and from work, up and down stairs and to and fro in the car. And that's before we've even considered sporting activities and leisure pursuits!

If our feet have pain or they feel uncomfortable it may be wise to visit a podiatrist. Some people might feel they require some expert foot help when developing an infection such as Athletes Foot, developing cracked heels from wearing unsuitable footwear or suffering from the painful condition Plantar Fasciitis.

Visiting a podiatrist will bring many benefits and here we review some of the most popular, to help you decide whether your feet could benefit from a little expert care:

• Prevention is better than cure – in addition to treating any conditions or infections of the feet, a podiatrist can also advise you on whether you're wearing the right shoes. Making the necessary changes could meet your feet won't suffer in the future.

• Qualified practitioners – a podiatrist will have the necessary healthcare qualifications to diagnose and treat problems with feet and nails. Unlike beauticians who might just be able to make your nails look better, a podiatrist will treat nail discomfort such as ingrowing, distorted and fungal nails by addressing the underlying problems.

• Valuable insights – your podiatrist can offer advice and guidance on how to look after your feet, from the products to use on feet, to the most suitable footwear toopt for to prevent problems with cracked heels and athletes foot. Podiatrists can also recommend how to cut your nails properly, to avoid problems such as gangrene.

• Not just feet – if you have problems with your feet then this could present itself as pain somewhere else – such as hip, skin or knee and lower lumbar pain because of poor foot function. A podiatrist will ask you about whether you are experiencing any pains or discomfort in these areas as it might be made worse by a foot related issue. Strength building exercises may be suggested to relieve problems of the foot, knees and other leg joints.

It is very common to have foot pain or discomfort, but visiting a podiatrist can help reduce the symptoms and help to prevent any further problems.

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