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Duzey Goz Merkezi or Duzey Eye Center, in 2006 started with a doctor to provide services in the field of Ophtahmology, in a medical center in the heart of Istanbul. He name is Dr. Mustafa KARAKOC. Today, he continue to be the solution for all major eye diseases with a team of over 100-personnel, a hospital in Istanbul (Avcilar/Turkey). Duzey Eye Center's profession is Katarakt

We know the best way cataract, glaucoma, strabismus and eye laser surgeries. Because we have a lot of experience at 20 years. And we follow the technology as soon as possible. We focus on the health of our patients conventional. Because the life is the see.

You already know that Cataract is an eye disease which starts with clouding of the lens and cause significant reduction in vision. It is 90 % age-related, however a secondary cataract might occur due to some traumatic diseases, uveitis, use of some medication like steroids. Age-related cataract may also develops in both eyes although it is usually asymmetric. Blurry vision, low quality in color vision, gradual reduction in visiual acuity are the most common symptoms of cataract.

It can be detected in early period by regular eye examinations and determined the time of the treatment. Therefore a regular eye examinations are necessary for the people over 40 years old.

And now Cataract surgery takes about 10 to 15 min according to the cataract and experience of the surgeon. We use the most popular technology.

Glaucoma (its known as eye pressure in common) is a serious eye disease for people over 40 mostly. It may develop gradually within years and damage optic nerve which allows gives us the ability to see. When vision loss occurs, it is impossible to take it back. So, early diagnose is very important for the prompt and available treatment.

We are waiting for you in Istanbul.

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