RTL Secret Millionaire: Why the concept is promising great success

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RTL and the Secret Millionaire - it's just yet another reality format, a so-called real-life documentary, which is imported from the English TV?

Or maybe the right idea at the right time show in Germany?

Find television with social criticism in Germany an audience?

It will be interesting, but the chances are not bad.

Is also far from RTL Secret Millionaire: It is as hotly debated on talk shows, as in the newspapers of the Republic - go the infamous gap between rich and poor seems inexorably further and further apart.

An evergreen quasi public debate in which differing views far and is often hotly debated.

Only in the last so-called Poverty and Wealth Report of the Federal Government, which was published in March 2013, was the talk of the gulf of the society that increasingly drifting apart again. If something is drifting apart, it crumbles, then lack of cohesion, then perhaps the whole of society long term falls apart.

On one side of greed and self-serving in executive pay, bonuses for bankers and wealthy despite the financial crisis in Germany, the rescue thanks to tax loopholes and havens abroad and their millions at the Treasury over. On the other hand, low-income earners can barely feed their family with the salary, the board is experiencing more and more to feed their food to donate to the needy or all the other charitable organizations, associations and organizations controlled despite working life.

RTL Secret Millionaire fit into the time

And in the center of thousands of volunteer helpers, donors and committed that rarely come into the limelight. With RTL Secret Millionaire Holger Riemer but also they receive - and less of a millionaire in the center of the show - the attention they deserve.

She and her fate, she and her work, she and her problems as well as small and large concerns and needs with the help of Fuller worries still be shown.

Secret Millionaire is of course anything but a social study, a pedagogical and didactic gesture remote is the TV format. But probably jogging on it and aware of those in Germany who are less fortunate and those who care selflessly.

This is not just talk like talk shows, but shown to the point and right on the basis of how it looks in poor neighborhoods, which makes working in deprived areas and parallel societies that difficult. Secret Millionaire thus fits into the time - because it does not present, is not only and is not to grandstanding from.

Specifically, the help that comes from the show: because the Richtige Pflege und F├╝tterung der Igel millionaire donates at the end just for the social institution in which he has accompanied one weeks - and that alone makes a difference.

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