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Ensuring that electrical works in your own home are executed safely and as per legal regulations is so very important, and should be key when considering which electrician or firm you should hire. This advice goes, wherever you are based in the UK, but is especially important when searching for an electrician in Birmingham or any other big city as there will be such a high volume of providers from which to choose.

Whilst some jobs, like replacing a light fitting or damaged cable in the wall can be carried out by any electrician, there are some works, such as replacing a fuse box or adding an extra socket to the bathroom or kitchen, that has to be inspected by your local authority building control or carried out by electricians who are registered in a Competent Person Scheme. Being registered confirms likely authorised by the Government to self-certify that any work conducted meets the correct requirements and is compliant with Building Regulations. Checking your electrician is registered with an approved scheme such as NAPIT or NICEIC, is the obvious way to guarantee that the work will be carried out with safety in mind, and complications that may occur during or resulting from the works will be more easily sorted.

Below we have listed some recommendations when looking for a domestic electrician:

Safety First – It is advised that the electrics in your house should be checked by an electrician every ten years. This may extend to several days for a large property, but will ensure that everything is is working properly and safely. You'll want to ask your electrician if the fuse box is up to date with the latest circuit breaker switches, so the system does not shut down everything in the whole property if something does go wrong.

Whatever projects you use an electrician for, they should provide you an electrical installation certificate which confirms they've already met Building Regulations and the British Standard for electrical safety, BS7671. It is advisable to keep the certificate after work has been completed as proof that you've had the work carried out competently, as this may come in useful should you choose to sell your home.

Keeping Track of Time – Understanding the work that should be done and looking into how long it commonly takes is a sensible way to set an agreed completion date with your electrician. A timetable of the work and the expected time it will take should be confirmed in writing, so that if there are any delays, these costs can be accounted for. Additionally it is best to ask your Birmingham electricians or the suppliers who will be completing the work to inform you as soon as possible if they won't be able to meet the agreed completion date.

Getting the Right Price – Shop around and verify that you are getting a good price for the condition of work needed by obtaining a quotation from at least three electricians or electrical service providers.

As with the completion time of the works, agree payment terms beforehand, checking if you must pay upfront for materials, or the length of time that paid instalments will have to be made. Changing requirements as the work is being completed will be costly and cause delays. In such a case, request a revised quote prior to the modified work starting, and be sure you have written confirmation from your electrician. It is best practice to ask for a receipt or statement of account.

Cover Yourself - For those who have any questions or if complications arise, speak to the electrician or the person in charge straight away. Any issues with the electrician or the company which cannot be resolved, should be addressed to the Competent Person Scheme Operator they are certified by, who will be able to work with both parties to advise and help find a solution. Collecting any evidence, like photos of the work, notes from phone calls or letters, will certainly be a major help in ensuring you are covered if any problems should arise.

To find out more about a domestic electrician in Birmingham please call SPB Electrical on 0121 241 6287 or 07976 257 226.

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